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Why Choose Shop E-Reader?
Shop E-Reader - The Leading Provider of E-Readers and Technical Support

So the question is, why should you do business from Shop e-Readers?

Many E-Reader companies stop at the initial sale.  We go beyond the sale and provide you with all of the tools and resources you need in order to utilize your new e-reader.  Our company has been in business for over four years, and we know our stuff.

1)  100 Free E-Books - All new E-Readers come with a DVD of 100 free licensed E-Books with instructions on how to load them into your new electronic reader.

2) Free DVD Video Tutorial - All new E-Readers come with a comprehensive Video Tutorial where we walk you step by step throughout the entire setup and configuration process. We also show you key elements on how to load ebooks on your device, how to buy from different stores, how to setup WI-FI and 3G and more.

3) International Sales -  Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Kobo and many other companies do not ship many of the most popular e-Readers and Tablets outside the USA. Shop e-Readers ships all of these devices no matter what country you live in. This is one of our most endearing features.

4) Technical Support - Any E-Reader you purchase will get you 24/7 technical support via our Live Chat, or Good e-Reader Support Forum

5) Good e-Reader makes learning about your e-Reader fun! Sometimes hardware can get fairly daunting and they film a great series of video tutorials that give you the full scoop. Learn how to load in your own eBooks, and borrow them from the library. Even basic Settings, Menu and Core Features are outlined. Check out their official  Youtube Channel for more information.